Monday, April 11, 2011


Our trip to visit our new grandson in Florida went pretty good.  My husband only had one "bad day".  My/our kids want us to move to Florida so they can help us as my husband gets worse.  We're seriously thinking about it.  It would be so nice to have family support.  Plus I'd get to see my grandson grow up!

My husband has his neuro-psych testing this month, it'll take two days.  Then in June he and I have an appointment with the Dr to go over the results.  I'm kinda dreading hearing what I already know in my heart as it will make it real.  But as my husband says he "will be made whole in the resurection".  You can tell the changes in him by looking at the pictures from a few years ago and the ones now.  I try to hold onto the husband that I still have and have to be carefull about how I remind him about his medication so I don't come across as treating him like a child.

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