Monday, April 18, 2011


We had a pretty quiet weekend.  Didn't make it to the Temple on Sat due to John not feeling well and my shoulder hurting.  On Sunday it was my first day teaching my new CTR 7 class, they were a dream! There's a little girl who has downs syndrome who is in my class, she was in my nursery class when I was nursery leader.  She has a helper, and she was participating in the lesson like all the other children.
I'm going to give this coupon thing a try again, it's been 18 years since I really used them.  I need to start preparing for when John turns 65 and goes on straight Medicare and our income drops again. ugh!!   I bought 2 extra Sunday papers and there were a lot of coupons.  I've been reading several coupon blogs to get some idea of  how to save more money.  You'll see the links on my home page.   Hopefully they'll help you too.  I'm also looking at it as a way to help build up our food storage again.  Our food storage took a hit when I was out of work for those 10 months.

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  1. Your grandson is adorable! And, you and your husband seem so young to be dealing with this. Very young. Blackberries can be very confusing. If you can figure out how to do the email (more specifically if he can always) I think that's the perfect solution! Good thinking.

    I just did coupon shopping today. Our local store (Indiana) has this online thing with meals and everything that generates a list. Mr. Survival (tech addict) loves it. I tried it. It takes me 30-45 min longer because I'm not used to finding strange brands and looking for special tags sticking out on specific sizes. BUT, we saved a lot of money and my bill was less than usual even though I bought the Easter haul.

    You sound good.