Wednesday, March 2, 2011

one of those days

Lately things have been pretty routine, not much to post about.  The last Dr appointment went well.  The Dr actually had the crazy idea for me to put my work schedule (which changes since I'm a float) in my blackberry and then get it transferred into my husband's blackberry each month since it's important for him to know my work schedule.  I agreed that it's important that he knows my work schedule and my telling him what it is continually is not working.  Well the blackberry idea won't work either as I have been unsuccessful in getting the software to load up on my laptop, have no idea how to get the two phones to sync up, and am NOT going to load my work schedule and all the changes in two phones.  So my solution is to e-mail my work schedule and all the changes to my husband, luckily he agrees with this idea.
Today I had the day off of work.  We drove up the Dereset Industeries store to see if they had any suitcases and found 3 for a total of $17!    I also got to listen to the same conversation 4 times today about how he had watched an infomertial for a piece of exercise equipment called a kettle.  which he bought.  which is supposed to do" the equivalent of 1 hour 30 min of exercises in the gym and work all your muscles in only 20 min for only $50.   It really works honey, and I want you to take a before and after picture of me".  uh huh uh huh sure thing dear.  If he repeats that same conversation one more time I will be SO tempted to tell him how many times we have already had it. 

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  1. Here's something. You could really take a picture of him every time. Then you would have some record for your own sanity how many times you have been nice and patient and wonderful. Because you are. And you deserve to know the hard work you are doing.

    It IS a big deal.