Friday, February 4, 2011

Today my husband and I were going over what we have planned for this coming week.  I mentioned my interviews and he asked me if I had told him about them before.  This was the third time in less than a week that we've had the same conversation about my job interviews.  He realizes that his memory is getting worse, it makes him grouchy, sarcastic, depressed.... and there's nothing I can do about it.   I'll have to check to make sure he's been taking his medicine.  I don't talk about his conditions (mini strokes and vascular dementia) in the Ward as people have treated him as being different" when we did tell a few people when we first found out his diagnosis.  I even had people tell me he was having seizures (entirely untrue) and that he shouldn't be driving (the Dr has never said for him to give up his license, we have even asked several times).   Luckily we do get support at the Temple and my husband doesn't get treated as if he is "different". 
This isn't how we envisioned spending his 60's and my 40's.

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