Friday, February 4, 2011


My husband's Dr says that I am expecting more of him than he can do and she wants to meet with the two of us.  My husband now has to carry around a notebook to write down things in.  The notebook is basically his memory now.  The Dr  also wants to put him through the neuro-psych testing to see what changes there have been since 2006.  It is too much cognitively for him to look at a simple recipe, figure out what we have at home and what he needs to buy, find the items at the grocery store, then follow the recipe once he gets home.  My husband has just recently admitted all this to me, before when I got home from work thinking we were going to be eating a recipe we had discussed earlier he would just say that he had changed his mind and fixed something different.  I wonder what the testing will show.....  I wonder how much longer before I will have to be in charge of his medication.... I hate losing my husband bit by bit to this disease....  My husband keeps reminding me that he will be made whole in the resurrection.

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